Little School at Home:

Pre-K3 Goals to reach by June 2017



  • Show interest in non-fiction texts

  • Retell 1-2 events from a story read aloud

  • Recall details from story read aloud

  • Incorporate favorite parts of literary texts into play

  • Explore books independently

  • Ask “how” and “why” questions while reading

  • Incorporate information from informational texts into play

  • Identify familiar environmental print

  • Display curiosity learning new words

  • Understand how print is used to bring meaning

  • Identify beginning sounds in words

  • Recognize rhyming words with modeling

  • Identify some letter sounds and matching them to letters

  • Identify several letters and their general order in the alphabet


  • Create a picture and label it orally

  • Classify objects & info by observable attributes into categories

  • Carry out simple directions


  • Identify simple patterns

  • Classify objects by color, shape, size, or function

  • Count orally forward to twenty and backward from 3

  • One-to-one correspondence through ten

  • Compare sets of no more than 10 using “more than” “same as” etc

  • Represent simple joining and separating situations through 4

  • Identify objects in order from first to tenth using concrete objects

  • Identify and copy a simple pattern

  • Recognize a simple pattern and extend

  • Identify two-dimensional shapes (circle, square, triangle, rectangle)

  • Understand positional words to describe the location of objects

  • Show awareness coins have different values

  • Compare lengths of two objects

  • Use non-standard units to measure to compare objects

  • Associate at least two measurement devices with their purposes

  • Associate time concepts with a clock

  • Organize or represent data with real objects

Gross Motor

  • Move with balance and control while walking, running, jumping, marching, hopping, or galloping

Fine Motor

  • Use hand-eye coordination to perform tasks

  • Begin to show control of drawing and writing tools


Please click here to download goals PDF.